Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I made a phone call


DX helped DS #3 get his license back in May, yet failed to discuss this with me. Fast forward, and apparently DMV automatically contacts one's auto insurance company, alerting them to a newly licensed driver in the family. Although DS would never be allowed to drive either my or DD's car (we rely on our cars for work and can't afford any accidents due to an inexperienced driver), we had to sign a document to this effect AND had to pay $145 for an excluded driver. @@ Technically, X should have DS on his policy-really not my problem.

Fast forward, same DS decided not to move to the city with us, choosing to move in with Dad, and use one of his many vehicles. I remembered this stupid $145 fee the other day, so I called the auto insurance company and asked why we had to pay it, as DS never moved with us back in June. Turns out, I can get it refunded. Had I known, it would have been in effect starting in June, instead it is in effect as of Aug, so I eat 1/2 of the original fee, the remainder is being refunded to my credit card. So approx. $75 back in the coffers, the other 1/2 DS owes me.


Ms. Sandie said...

This actually makes me crazy. Gpa P, who,doesn't drive very much but still owns a car and has his own insurance is still listed on our policy costing us about 80 a year. He NEVER drives our vehicles. No matter how many complaints I have made they will not remove him. I never added him. Big Brother put him there.

Linda said...

That is a shame you have to pay for something you did not have anything to do with starting. After I get the 1/2 back, I would start complaining to insurance company to get the other half! And, point out to son that he is not a residence of your home!

I know I am late to this party!