Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I bought turkeys, and yes, it's August and we're bracing for another heat wave


Yesterday found me running an errand (to pick up free to me, RX for Psoriasis, thanks to hitting (unbelievably) the second deductible, maxing out our OOP expenses to $6000 this plan year), that brought me near the new Shoprite. I had already generated a list of deals, including multiple "new store opening" loss leaders. Here's what I bought:

3 bags assorted potato chips (treat)-loss leader
family package  of ground beef @ $1.79/lb-loss leader
2 frozen hotel style turkey breast @ 99/lb-my go to price that I had trouble getting this past year
a large tub salad greens
honeydew-loss leader
butter-loss leader
6 ct pkg croissants-loss leader
1 lb deli turkey-loss leader
1 lb deli ham-loss leader
beef hot dogs-loss leader
Tropicana OJ-loss leader
2 gallons milk
1 block neufchatel cheese
2 blocks Adam's reserve (on sale BOBO)Cheddar-my preferred brand-loss leader
2 bottles Herbal Essance shampoo (ended up being 50 cents/bottle after large coupon!)loss leader

They once again had steaks on sale @ $4.99/lb Porterhouse/T bone but I passed (not a huge steak fan) as I wanted to earmark my grocery monies for the turkey breasts that I can stretch much further.

I spent $67.10, including about $18 worth of fzn turkey.  I have $66.22 remaining in budget this month. This is very do-able. Fridge, stand freezer, kitchen cabinets, and pantry are looking good, too.

My philosophy: buy it when it's on sale, then plan menus around what is on hand!


meme said...

That is a great price on the turkey...

Tonight's dinner is a fridge clean out night.....

I am actually having a fruit plate (plum, nectarine, orange), a little grilled chicken and the rest of the grape tomatoes....

Busy Bee said...

Great price on the turkey. I love how versatile it is.

CTMOM said...

Meme, I only bought 2, due to space in the freezer, but could have bought up to 4. I may* go back for one more. We love turkey, I cook one a month come Fall, freezing 1/2 of the meat for future sandwiches, chopped scraps for soup/tacos/casseroles. Then there's the stock-we're big soup eaters come Fall as well. I was thrilled to see this price, I had trouble getting them for $1.49/lb last year.

Rachel said...

That is funny, because DH was asking me last week why I had bought a turkey. Walmart had whole turkeys for $0.59 a lb. so I bought 1 for our freezer. I told him because the price was right. LOL

Linda said...

I saw the sale turkeys at WM and had no room in my freezer. Plus, I did not feel like canning the turkey which is what I was going to do soon. You found some great deals.