Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Getting a rein on electic costs


Finally, a month where the electric charges are for JUST this rental, including no charges from the former rental. While my electric bill was very reasonable at the former home (budgeted $100/month), my past few bills have been ridiculous, but if compared to most, totally normal. I aim to continue to be conservative.

A few things have come to light:
June 573 kwt, $255.65 for  a partial month as this was our transition month
July 1210 kwt, $248.95
Aug 1320 kwt, $223.03

When we first moved in, a realtor who also lived in the complex told me to expect $200/month for utilities.
I also realized that previously, my past 2 rentals had hot water supplied by oil fed boiler systems to the tune of $90/month. Hot water needed to be factored in. Also, the appliances here are 10 years old (dishwasher is a replacement, as is the washer-looks like it was acquired second hand. It works fine, no issues. The dryer, only used for towels, is powered mostly by natural gas-those bills have a $25/month budget for now)

So, keeping $90 for hot water plus $100 for electric, I aim to get my bill down to $190/month. Also toss in unusually hot, humid weather, multiple heat waves-the central A/C has been in overdrive. We've recently been blessed with cooler weather so it's been off for several days. Even with windows closed to noise for the night, the house has been about 72-76 degrees.


Busy Bee said...

It is so hard to do. I used to always find it amusing that my grandfather insisted on few electronic things in the house, but now I wish I had had the wisdom to do the AC is essential in my area of least for me to be I actually am happy if mine comes in at less than $250...this includes trash pick up and sewer expenses since they are all collected by the same group.

Lili said...

Our electricity costs are very reasonable. It's the water/sewer bill that's so unbelievable, here. Best of luck with getting the electric bill to the level you're hoping for.

Theresa F said...

Our hydro(electric) just went up to $183 CDN on equal billing. Our water bill is separate from this and is actually our fastest rising utility @ $150 cdn every other month. Sigh.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I was thrilled to find, after 2 months of extremely hot weather for this area, that our bill was $111 last month and $119 this month----it would generally go down to around $80-85 in the summer, when we run one air conditioner 24 hours a day--16 hours downstairs and the rest in the bedroom. This year we have run two ACs all day and one at night, plus a fan or ceiling fan along with them. I thought the bill would go higher than that. We had a couple cooler days this week but today we were back to 87 again. Forecast for next week is lower to mid 80s which will be more bearable. We have NEVER had this much heat all summer long before. Plus I bought a new fridge this month and hope for a little savings since the old one was about 20 years old!

meme said...

We had a stretch of very humid weather too - like you - the humidity has just come down. Which means I don't have to put the a/c on first thing in the morning. Yesterday I put it on at lunch time, I find the older I get - I am only 53, the less I can take the heat. My electric was 240 for this month which is high, I like mine under 200 a month.