Sunday, August 7, 2016

Eating at home

 I can;t remember the last time I went out to breakfast. I eat mine at home, and it's often toast, yogurt w/ fruit, eggs, cereal. One day this week, I made a small scallion-mushroom fritatta to use some mushrooms that were starting to go off.
 Lunches are an opportunity to clear out leftovers but there are times when a sandwich will do. Here is one lunch that includes some chips (bought a small bag at DT to avoid temptation)
 A turkey-bacon "club" sandwich
I am a big water drinker, encouraged to continue this practice by both my nephrologist and internist. Kidlet called me recently, he returned to the walk in Doc in a box and had paid a co-pay. I reiterated that he was not to have been charged. I drove over, we met in the parking lot, and I cleared this up with the receptionist. Bottom line: co-pay refunded. We both grabbed freebie mini waters on the way out. Kidlet thinks he's completely independant.


meme said...

LOL I had to laugh at your last line - "kidlet thinks he is completely independent" ! They do - don't they at that age !!!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

My Granddaughter also. Calls me during dinner and wants the recipe for turkey chili as she is shopping and doesn't want to go home to check out needed ingredients. I give her the whole recipe for white chili and then she asks "don't I need tomato sauce?" and I realized she wanted to make regular chili with ground turkey. Start over. Gave her recipe for that. By this time, my dinner is lukewarm. I tell her she has specify: this happened before when she wanted red chili and I made white chili when she came for dinner. To me, turkey or chicken means white chili--but not to her, since she never eats meat except for chicken or turkey. From now on she has to ask for red or white--and I'll put turkey or chicken in either one.