Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Crock Pot Tuesday: lazy golumbki casserole

A family favorite casserole, altered a bit today, to use a few perishables on hand and adapted for the Crock Pot, to save my time and electric bill. Lazy Golumbki casserole:


 I used up the remaining 1/6 of a cut head of cabbage, before using 1/2 of another. I placed this in a Pam sprayed Crock Pot.

 I chopped the older, 1 1/2 sprigs of celery on hand to use it up. A new bag was already purchased. I sprinkled this evenly atop the cabbage.

Meanwhile, the beef-rice-onion mixture was cooked and seasoned, using 1/2 of my lone remaining large yellow onion.

 1/2 of a soft tomato was culled out of the fridge and chopped. This was sprinkled evenly atop the beef layer
 I only used one can of tomato soup, figuring that the CP will keep this dish extra moist (when baked conventionally, the recipe calls for a covered casserole). It also retains one more can of tomato soup on the pantry shelf. As usual, I added dried, organic basil for extra flavor. I still have a ton of it from last Summer.

Here's the CP ready to go. I am home today, but will let this cook on high for a bit, before turning it down to low/warm, to ensure that the vegetables soften.

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Linda said...

That looks great. Today was no day to use an oven in my neck of the woods. I had a crockpot fail I am posting tonight. Maybe you can tell me what went wrong.