Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cleaning tip

Special needs DS had a nighttime "accident" for the first time in years. Sigh. Hoping that it's an isolated incident for his sake. Urine soaked, and I mean soaked mattress which he attempted cleaning with a really wet cloth just adding to the problem before alerting me to the issue. Brown stain/ring appearing.  I googled how to clean it (we had kept an extra, old mattress pad under his regular mattress pad for years, but removed it several years ago) and came across this method:

-blot extra moisture as much as possible with an absorbant towel
-spritz with white vinegar to cover (not saturate, but we had already been at that point)
-sprinkle with abundant amount of baking soda, let dry
-vacuum up the baking soda

I've been letting the mattress dry out-luckily, there's a second twin bed in his room.

End result: the stain is gone, no odor.

Cheap fix, using harmless ingredients already on hand. I was sceptical that this would work; if I hadn't cleaned it myself, I wouldn't have trusted that this would have worked. I had nothing to lose. Glad this did the trick!

I popped in to Dollar Tree yesterday, was pleased to see that they finally had LA's awesome dish soap (just 3 bottles remained, I saw other patrons with it in their carts). I only bought one, as I recently purchased a 9 count case. I have enough for a year.


Lili said...

That's good to know. I wonder if it would work on pet stains on carpeting, as well?

meme said...

Your son probably was trying to clean his mattress to save your from doing it....I am glad you were able to clean/save the mattress!