Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Call back from MD


Update: while I never got a call back from the Rhumatologist's personal assistant, I did get a call back from the scheduling secretary, offering me an appointment on either of the upcoming Mondays-the only day he in here in the city. Naturally, I was busy cleaning and didn't get the message until 45 minutes later.
I returned the call, speaking with another receptionist and advised her of the message I received, stating that, yes, I can make next Monday's appointment, if it was still open. Sadly, it's not, BUT, the following Monday is open still and I can make it. So that appointment with my current Rhumatologist is set AND I inquired about a cancellation call list, which she put me on. Great that I literally am a 3 minute drive away, should something last minute open up. Glad to get in sooner vs later in Sept, Oct or NOV! This is an expensive specialist, so good to get it tended to NOW, leaving still time for additional tests, if warrented, to be fully covered as we met the deductible.


Busy Bee said...

That's awesome that they could work you in. The cost of medical care is staggering.

CTMOM said...

BusyBee, we have obnoxius medical bills. Guess I was paying it forward, so to speak, for years when I paid the monthly premiums but the insurance was hardly used. DD is dealing with some gastro issues, just had an endoscopy and a colonoscopy at age 24. Gastritis. Now the MD wants a MRI. I cautioned her to call back, tell them we met the deductible, we do not require precertification, go ahead and schedule the MRI ASAP, knowing that she may need to have a follow up appointment with the MD as well, which will generate additional bills. Since she is responsible for all OOP medical costs and doesn't earn much, it's in her best interests to do this NOW.

Ms. Sandie said...


Belinda said...

Like you said, definitely better to have it done NOW while the deductible is met.