Monday, August 1, 2016

August grocery deals

 After a return visit to my hand surgeon (doing well, continue wearing my brace for a week, return in a month), I stopped in at Aldi's, followed by Stop & Shop. I had to exchange a jar of pickles that fizzed (weird!) when opened.  Here's my haul: rolls, marked down mocha chip muffins, marked down pound cake
 Super cheap eggs @ Aldi's this week (79/up to 6 doz for large), a pkg of 11 marked down jumbo eggs, a block of cheese for supper tonight, OJ, organic yogurt
 marked down flavored cr cheese, loss leader butter @ $2.49 (cheaper than Aldi's). Not pictured: a tub of Turkey Hill peach mango gelato (tonight's dessert)
 4 huge boxes of Scotties tissues @ $2. a new hairdryer (mine is at leasy 6 y.o. and has been making a horrible noise)-this won't be included in the tally here, 2 each of shampoo and conditioner, 2 toothpaste, 2 500 ct swabs
 MEAT MARKDOWNS! Italian style turkey meatballs, 5 pork shoulder sirloin steaks (now 2 meals @ $1.67/lb), 2 pkgs 93% and 1 90% ground beef, loss leader beef hotdogs
 Pantry: unsweetened almond milk for baking (MD is recommending it to me, I don't like it for cereal so will use in baking $1.50 ea after sale plus cpn, loss leader crackers. Not pictured: loss leader gallon of vegetable oil @ $4.99
 Produce: grapes @ 78/lb, raspberries BOGO, bananas @ 29, golden delicious apples @ under $1/lb, cuke, celery
 loss leader melon @ 97
Taxables at phenominal prices: baggies, 50 oz Gain (my preferred brand) @$3.99, 50 oz Tide @ $1.99, 36 count Tide pods @$2.99. The Tide was @ 50% off (who pays $8/jug or $10/pods?) as it's being discontinued (probably repackaged). I had $2 off cpns=win for me! Don't need detergent but at these prices? I'd be a fool NOT to stock up and store it at home.

Household: $15.94 hairdryer
Aldi's: $19.21
S & S:$72.32

Groceery: $91.53 out of a $300 budget for 3 people (adults)

Final stop was to top up the car (it's been WEEKS)@ $2.15/gallon, spending $14.13 for gas


Belinda said...

Wow! Great deals! You scored on that Tide, WTG!!

Linda said...

I buy my favorite brand detergent when it is on sale, too. It sits on the shelf just fine. Those are really good prices on the food, too.

Softie said...

Just curious what was the reason he gave for recommending a switch to almond milk?

meme said...

Great deal on the Tide - I would have bought it too for that price combined with a coupon!

CTMOM said...

Sodfie- she (female MD) recommended it for calcium, vit D as a lower calorie alternative to cow's milk

Sonya Ann said...

You did great!!! Now can you fix my house/spending! ;p
I can't seem to get the spending under control. We had 3 pool parties and had Anna and her BF here plus all their friends and DJ is home for the summer. And poof our money was gone. LOL

Anne in the kitchen said...

Fantastic! Money has been running through us here like water in a sieve. I need life to slow down a little!

CTMOM said...

Anne-I hear you: moved in June, paid bills on 2 homes in June, and electric close out in July. Looking forward to lower bills this new month! Meanwhile, I am holding onto my purse strings tightly, letting the dust settle, and making some life decisions, incuding further reducing my monthly budget.

TrayceeBee said...

Amazing prices! Especially for here in Connecticut!!!!

Softie said...

Thanks for your reply!