Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Another course of allergy shots, cost differential in medicine


I initially started seeing my allergist at a time when I was plagued with monthly, acute sinus infections. My ENT at the time suggested it. Fast forward, and I did several years of allergy shots. I was much better. I return to my allergist yearly for a check up, RX refill for my asthma inhaler.

These past 2 years, I have been simply plagued with a chronic cough. No illness associated, it's simply an allergic cough. Frustrating. I attended my annual appointment in July, and allergy testing was discussed and decided upon. My last round of allergy testing was back in 2005.

I returned a few weeks later for the allergy tests and I remain officially allergic to cats. As the specialist explained it, my airway is inflammed by this allergy so when I encounter another trigger such as heavy perfume, the cough ensues. I just want the cough gone. I really have no other symptoms. DD on the other hand, gets watery, inflammed eyes should the cat come too close.

MD agreed to let me have the shots in a local town where he has a satelite office once a week vs my having to return to the city where he is located, a good hour away. Instead a 20-30 minute drive will take me where I need to go. Depending upon my possible future employment, I may have to make arrangements to leave early every Thurs in order to get there for the last shot appointment, which I think is 5 pm. I'll be getting shots weekly for 6 months, and then can increase the time increment between them, ultimately only needing to go once a month.  MD agreed to get the allergy serum made now, while my deductible is met.

I see on line that the bills have been processed.
MD visit charge $1180.00, reduced to in plan amount of $637.96.
Allergy serum charge $2178, reduced to in plan amount of $1080.42.

These costs should be comparable to buying a can of beans off the shelf-same price for all. Would this have cost me over $3000 if I didn't have insurance, I would not have pursued getting this addressed. It's a system I don't care for.

For now, zero cost to me. I have to double check on the new plan year's changes but I anticipate only being out the $20 or so fee for the nurse to inject me weekly.


Linda said...

I am allergic to cats, too. Most of the time, I get a cough and always have itchy eyes, swollen eyes. You can get the allergy med and give yourself the shot. I did. My allergist comes here once month. That sure helps on the over an hour trip to his main office. I am allergic to all products from all mammals and feel so much better after giving up mammal meat.

When someone comes near me that smokes, I react. Even if I cannot smell the other things, I soon figure out what the source of my problem is as the person comes nearer. I cannot drink oj when spring allergies are upon me. Now, I just cannot have citrus at all.

Hopefully, you will get some permanent relief.

CTMOM said...

When I commented that I had previously done the full course of allergy shots, the MD looked up how long ago that was and commented that the shots are so much better now.

Kathy said...

Oh wow, I had no idea that allergy treatments were so expensive. I'm glad you have met your deductible so you won't' have to pay so much. Hope you feel better soon.
I think our healthcare system/insurance has gotten out of control. Our new insurance payments will be $1400/month. :(