Friday, August 12, 2016

A return trip

 This morning found me up and out early, for an 8 a.m. follow up appointment with the upper extremity (shoulder/arm/hand) orthopedic surgeon for my last appointment regarding my shoulder surgery for removal of the plate and hardware this past March. All is well, the bone has healed well. I am left with some "clicking" due to scar tissue. It is what it is. Both shoulders click.

I also planned a trip over to CVS before returning to Shoprite. They had ordered a special, new OTC Psoriasis cream and it had come it. $15 but I used my HSA account to cover the cost. No OOP costs to me. While at the pharmacy, I checked out the price for Amlactin, another cream the Dermatologist is recommending. Pricey stuff, they want $17, so I decided not to buy it, even though I have a $3 coupon from the MD.

So what did I go to Shoprite for as I was just there earlier this week? One reason is to see if they will honor/credit me the 2 super coupons that I discovered at the bottom of my purse. $1/lb deli meat and $5 off $40 order. The Customer service rep gladly refunded me $6. Nice! I also stopped to get the following:

--the remaining 2 frozen, hotel style turkey breasts @ 99/lb (max is 4/customer)
-quart yogurt

and this:

Yup, exact same product, size sold at CVS. Normally $11 @ SR, it was on sale for $5.49. Now add the $3 coupon, and I ended up paying $2.49 for this! Awesome!

Total spent: $28.01 when all was said and done. 
$38.21 remains in the August grocery store budget.


Belinda said...

My dermatologist also recommended the Amlactin to me recently. She was concerned that my skin was so dry. Fortunately for me, another dermatologist also recommended it for Bailey about 6 months ago, so I already had it on hand. It is very expensive, Glad you got such a great deal!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I love when you find what you need cheaper at another store! My DD alerted me last week to a computer printed coupon: for a 1.86 oz Snickers bar at the checkout counter: on sale this week from $1.19 to .88 and the coupon was for 50 cents which they will double up to the cost of the item, so instead of $1 off, I got the whole 88 cents off: one free Snickers bar, a favorite for my husband.

My usual calculations revealed that I save 27% this week with on sale, coupon, super-coupon and dollar coupon doublers to contribute! Or I paid 83.55 including tax for items worth $110.50. I received 50 extra gas points for redeeming 5 manufacturer's coupons as well. I don't use a ton of coupons but I steadily use those I can on items I planned to buy anyhow. So far this year I have saved $845.34 with sale and coupon items, and that is only shopping for 2 people. I do generally go well over $1000 every year. Little bits add up to big dollars. My DD even said I could have her "$1.79 gallon of milk with coupon" this week because they didn't need milk. More pennies saved!

Linda said...

You really did well on the deals today. Most stores will honor coupons not used, I have found. I just wish I had room for two turkeys!

Ms. Sandie said...

Great deal on the recommended cream!

CT Bargain Mom said...

That's a great price on amalactin! My youngest has psoriasis and we haven't tried that yet. Been using Rx stuff. 5 days on 2 days off (Nivea cream). The Rx stuff is a steroid and youngest is a young growing teen so it's what they reccomend to be safe. Luckily kiddo has been outside so much this summer the patches have cleared up pretty nicely - proving the UV therapy might be in the future if the creams fail.