Friday, July 29, 2016

Use it up!

 My Crock Pot tomato pork beans recipe calls for soy sauce, so I grabbed a few of the many lurking take out packets in lieu of reaching for the bottle of soy sauce. While bundled together, as duck sauce packets are as well, I find that they are just taking up valuable real estate in the fridge. Time to make to contents more readily accessible, and in my face, so to speak, so I will be inspired to use them up (stir fry, marinades etc). I have toped off the bottle of soy sauce, decanted the rest into a repurposed, small glass jar. The duck sauce was decanted into a pint sized, mason jar. (I am thinking a sticky chicken dish perhaps). It'll be great to use these items up.
Thursdays tend to be fridge clean out days, as Friday us one of our 2 trash collection days. Since we have a non operating garbage disposal and it's Summer, so an easy time for food waste to become stinky really fast, we aim to clean out the fridge in preparation. It also allows me to create a grocery list, as needed. (we're pretty good about keeping an ongoing list on the fridge). While leftovers tend to serve as my, and occassionally DD's lunches (DS brings a cold lunch by choice), and we have leftovers usually for dinner on Wed (visitation night with Dad) and Fri, I saw quite a bit lurking. I grabbed this n that and created an Italian inspired, chicken-broccoli-pasta-bean salad for lunches the next few days, to use the ingredients up. This creation also got the remains of an opened pkg of elbow macaroni out of the pantry.


Linda said...

While I have those packets, too, and use them, I rarely can use all I have. Every Christmas and 4th of July, I clean most of them out of the meat drawer where they live and give them to someone else. Of course, I don't necessarily do this on the holiday but thereabout.

Reconsider emptying these into a container. No matter how careful you are, the contents will come in contact with the outside of the packet. I think storing any bacteria in a jar with the contents of other packets might lead to problems. Even the cut edge of the packet is not sterile now.

Of course, you may not worry about those things. Now, I am hungry.

CTMOM said...

Packets were cleaned first.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Not a problem for us, as there is NO worthwhile Chinese restaurant for about 30 miles IN MY OPINION. It's near the university and the strip mall ones that do exist in this area are not worth walking into, The only fast food place we stop at is the local Mexican chain, Mighty Taco, and we only order just what we can eat. No extra packets come with those. I wish we had Chinese food worth eating close by. Thai is actually closer, but not a real "take out" kind of place. I do make some Chinese inspired rice/stir fry things at home, but it's one less temptation to us really.

Tonight we had hot dogs with corn on the cob---which was literally picked as I stood at the table to put my choices in a bag. They were just dumping a tote (that's a 20 bushel wooden crate) onto the sorting tables as I opened my bag. Cubed cantaloupe was offered for dessert, although little was eaten, as we were stuffed by then. I buy a three pound bag of hot dogs for the season for the two of us, and we haven't finished them yet. This is my standard "you really don't think I feel like cooking" summer meal! Something in a bun and corn on the cob. I can get away with this about once a week and I do. Kind of like pot roast in the colder months--peel, thaw, toss into crock pot or roaster and walk away. Friday is normally my laundry day and by time to make dinner, I'm tired. This week I had two laundry days, as I changed sheets on Wednesday and washed our blankets also. Plenty of extras to work in when time permits.

Linda said...

Good. I know mine have not been sanitized, so I worried.