Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Trying to stick to the essentials

 Out this morning for a physical with my gastro MD; all's well, keep doing what you are doing, see ya next year. Great. So, I continue to try to eat healthfully. I stopped in at Aldi's for a top up: sugar, blueberries, kiwi, tomatoes, cukes, apples
 2 jugs milk, organic yogurt, sour cream, fzn haricot verts, fzn Prince Edward vegetables.
 Popped in at Dollar Tree next door (looking for a planner; spoke with manager, they should be out/stocked by the end of the week). Meanwhile, I grabbed 2 bags fzn peppers/onions.
Over to WM, my least favorite option to purchase clear, covered storage tubs for my new garage storage shelf. Ridiculous amount of $ for plastic. At least they were made in the USA. I also bought a replacement can of shower gel and "oil of Olay," trying their private label brands to save $. The shower gel is about what I'd pay elsewhere after a coupon, the lotion, however, is over $4.50 LESS than the name brand. That is significant! I compared ingredients, this is definately a knock off version. Hopefully, I will like it.


CT Bargain Mom said...

I use that moisturizer....actually like it better than name brand (maybe it's the savings that makes it so). And the shave gel is good too but I've started using some hair conditioner I found to be way to heavy for my hair and finding it works awesome!

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Equate brand products are about the ONLY thing that gets me into Walmart these days--but I do use a few of them and they save a considerable amount of money. If they were available at Sam's Club, which they are not, I wouldn't need to go in Walmart at all. I know Sam's Club is the same organization but the Sam's Club I go to (35 miles away) is so well run and the staff are extremely knowledgeable AND helpful, so I continue to go there. I buy a limited number of products, but ones I cannot find at that price anywhere else. Their meats are superior in quality and usually cheaper then my supermarket at that.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Knowing the savings has to help with the enjoyment, but I personally have found very little difference in store brand moisturizers vs. name brand. My only issue with some is the smell, (sensitive to certain aromas ) but if it is odorless I am fine using the cheap stuff.
Looks like you had a nice grocery haul!

Linda said...

You got some great things at Aldi's.