Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Taking care of it while my deductible is met

 I had rough elbows, especially the left one this past Winter, a time of year when my eczyma makes it's arrival. So, twice daily, I delt with the elbows by slathering on some good moisturizer and calling it a day. DD noticed that it's back, it seems scaley. Again, moisturizing, which helped but it's lingering. Could it be psorasis like my Dad was plagued with? Time to consult the Dermatologist. I couldn't immediately get in to see mine, but readily took an appointment with another MD in the practice, who I have used before. He confirmed that I have a plaque, can't determine if it's eczyma or psoriasis. He'd like to see me when I have other patches or plaques (historically Winter for me)
He gave me some samples of both moisturizers and RX strength cortizone cream, assuring me that if applied twice daily, it should clear up within 10 days. If not gone, I can call and they will fax in a RX for the creams.

My cost for the appointment and samples: $0.


Linda said...

The very points of my elbows become rough but not both elbows at once. They alternate. That's eczema? I have no problem anywhere else. One or the other is smooth as a baby's skin. Right now, it is my left elbow that is fine. The right elbow looks fine, not red, just a little rough. That's eczema?

Marcia in rural WNY said...

It could be. My DGD has eczema and hers shows up as itchy redness and a little scaly on the insides of her elbows, and in other creases in her skin folds. She is 24 and has had it since she was an infant. It showed up then as a diaper rash which required antibiotic treatment to get rid of it--not the same as the one babies get from not getting changed often enough, or "just because." It goes along with allergies/asthma/and those sorts of things, which I personally believe are all related somehow! 1% cortisone ointment is available over the counter. They treat eczema frequently with 2% cortisone ointment, which is by prescription only. You could try the over the counter stuff and see how it works. Any drugstore, walmart, or supermarket usually has it. I buy generic because we tend to use a lot of it.

Now I forgot what I was going to say to Carol, --oh, yes, my Dad had psoriasis and that stuff can be much nastier then eczema. He used lots of different ointments over the years and took part in drug studies occasionally but what helped the most was actually sun-bathing! That is recommended ONLY for psoriasis.

CTMOM said...

Marcia, I have asthma, allergies, eczyma-this plaque is different. My Dad suffered with psoriasis, this looks just like what he had. MD can't rule it out either way. Regardless, the RX samples should cure this, if not, I'll get a RX by calling in a request, give it more time. If it persists, an appointment will be warrented. I'm trying to handle what I can before Sept 1, when our deductible resets at $6000.

Linda said...

I have had allergies all my life and asthma since I turned 60. This is not red, itchy, or scaly, just rough. I noticed the roughness once and now just check my elbows occasionally, but sort of obsessively. I just put hand lotion on it, but forget to check to see if my elbow is smoother.