Thursday, July 7, 2016

Taking advantage of back to school supplies sales

On my must have lists is a new planner. My current one (the purple one) covers July 2015-Dec 2016. I am already making appointments for 2017. I knew that the BTS sales would soon start and asked about planners when I was at a Dollar Tree yesterday. The manager at that store assured me that they would be out by Sat. Meanwhile, I picked up my case of dish soap at my local DT, and chanced upon a new planner at that store. I transferred existing (thru Dec 2016) appointments from my old, purple planner into my new, pink planner and added 2017 appointments as well. The outer cover is trash but the cardboard and paper of the old planner have been recycled. I choose brighter colors so that it is easier to find in my black pocket book. $1.06 investment to stay organized.


CT Bargain Mom said...

Thanks for the reminder! I use the calendar function in my phone but use an inexpensive paper backup.....seems silly but I've had both fail me on separate occasions

Linda said...

That is a good price on the planners. I need to remember that. I buy bright planners for the same reason.