Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Switching the menus around

A busy day with some running around for erands planned, appointments, too so instead of the planned CP chilli (hot forecast also, no one felt like having chilli), I moved yesterday's fish dinner menu to tonight: cold ditallini-tuna salad,

 tossed salad to accompany, possibly a steamed vegetable. Supper's prepped, I can go about my day.


Belinda said...

Perfectly refreshing salad for a hot day!

carol pavlik said...

Carol I do love to read your blog and have gotten real inspiring ideas from you. We are in the process of cleaning out to move to a smaller house. We are thrift store addicts and have too much stuff. So yesterday my husband is visiting a friend and spies someone next door putting stuff in the trash. Good stuff of course. Seems mom is going to their house to live and they are throwing everything of hers away. Guess where it ends up? Our house. Nice things, clean but still. Now I have to go through it all. And just try to throw anything away around here!