Monday, July 4, 2016

Sunday supper: BBQ chicken

 Farmer's market wax beans
 and lettuce as well, simply loving the fresh produce
 my supper plate as we waited for the beans to steam
homemade strawberry-rhubard pie, served with vanilla bean ice cream. Yum!


Ellie said...

Your dinners always look delicious! I'm so happy that the Farmer's Market is working out better than the CSA did.
I harvested another zucchini yesterday. I know zucchini is supposed to grow like a weed, but I only planted one and made some mistakes. I'm happy to be getting any. :)
Happy 4th of July. I hope the rain stays away and your family can enjoy viewing some fireworks.
- Ellie

young77 said...

I love the looks of the fresh produce. I already plan to start going to a nearby Farmer's Mkt this coming Saturday. Ride will be scheduled as I ride a bus for seniors/disabled (similar to your son's.) I'm looking forward to it. Shirley

young77 said...

P.S. Rhubarb, too!! Shirley