Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday breakfast, cleaning, continuing to work on the condo

Homefried potatoes with onions/peppers, scrambled eggs, pork sausages,,Hazelnut coffee.

A/C is OFF, windows open as we enjoy cooler, dry weather.

Load one of laundry is on the drying racks, load 2 is washing (towels to go in the dryer later).

A newly fashioned soap cake graces the main floor powder room's sink. We've used up the pump soaps that were left behind, I'm using what we have, including the saved soap slivers that I use to make soap cakes. DD named this one "beachy" as it's mostly beige in color with some blue flecks. A variety of soap remenants were used so one never knows how they will turn out. Intially a bit rough/bumpy, with use, this will smooth down. Waste not, want not.

I officially got my last check until Sept, so Summer frugality is back in full force. I continue deep cleaning here (LL missed spots everywhere!) and working on completing the emptying of boxes (the cellar "den" is the worst area. Sigh. I just want it DONE. I invested in another tall, plastic, heavy duty shelving unit (took one with me when I divorced). $50-Egads!. I like that they are easily taken apart for moving, should  we end up moving yet again. Intended use is to store Xmas tree and decorations on it, in the garage. Although there are pull down attic stairs, for gaining access to additional storage, it's not something I can easily access given my OT issues. This should work.

I recently paid DX to come over after work (he works in this city) and reinstall a curtain rod that I had paid a local college aged handyman to install. He had left off the center support, and we discovered that the 2 brackets needed to be raised in order to have the center piece in. I don't know if this was intentional or an act of omission.Originally, this rod was in DD's room.

 Her drapes have large silver rings, so it made sense to switch these rods between the 2 rooms (came with condo), especially as the burnished brown one matches better with my cocoa brown walls. At the former rental, I intentionally bought 2  sets of these navy drapes, being able to use one panel per window of each of the 2 windows in both DD's and the twin's shared room.

 DX also hung DS #2's heavy mirror, and cut and installed a new wooden drapery rod pole that I ordered. This drapery rod and the drapes were bought through an interior designer from my former town, while I lived there.

 The drapes are designer, high quality-gorgeous.Problem is, the interior designer didn't take into consideration the configuration of the window and overhead soffit when ordering the drapery hardware. I couldn't use it as intended. Sigh.  I ended up using cut down poles for the dining room of the former rental, using different drapes I already owned. The designer drapes remain stored. I was determined to use the drapes, especially as they are fully lined and DS has a sunlit room, come morning. I reused the brackets, finials, but the pole was too short. Grrr. I managed to find a source on line (naturally the orginal source had them as out of stock/ no longer available). I found the exact pole I needed. Better price, local store, quick shipping to my home. Perfect. Bonus is that while I still have an extra set of finials, extra poles, extra brakets (designer really screwed up the order), should I find that the large, bow window in the kitchen by the dinette is cold come Winter, I can have the drapes I used in my dining room, installed on that window for the additional cost of paying DX to install the hardware, buying more wooden rings.


meme said...

Here is to a very frugal summer! I am also tightening up the budget even more so this summer. We have an expensive car repair to do.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I have spent years in a room that catches the morning sun and especially in summer, the sun is up before I want to be. We (husband also) have discovered that sleep masks are wonderful for this purpose and cheaper than buying expensive drapes. Also handy because I like to watch TV a while when he prefers to go to bed earlier. I also have headphones so the sound of the TV is not bothering him while I watch.