Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sunday baking

 Another batch , this time doubled, of Jordan Marsh's blueberry muffins. I had bought some organic blueberries earlier in the week, then hit Aldi's where nonorganic were 99/pint. I had 4 1/2 pints left in the fridge. I plan on adapting this recipe to make cranberry-orange muffins next, as I still have a stash of frozen cranberries.
 I also had plans for a strawberry-rhubarb pie for tonight. A bit long in the tooth, fresh cherries needed to be used up, so those served as a substitute, saving me a trip to the store in the process. I topped the measuring cup up with the remaining blueberries, after having made my muffins, so rhubarb-cherry-blueberry pie it will be!
 I intentionally made this a crumb topped one, reserving the other pie crust for a future pie or quiche. Here's the baked off pie. It will be served with vanilla bean ice cream that I got super cheap, after sale plus big coupon.
Since the oven was on, I went ahead and roasted the Butternut wedges for tonight's supper, I'll rewarm them later.

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