Friday, July 15, 2016

Snapping up the bargains

 As I prepare for my upcoming surgery and for DD's upcoming medical procedures, I am closing out my grocery shopping for July, stocking up  on some bargains, taking advantage of multiple marked downs. Raspberry gingerale @ $0.99-my go to price. Great for tummies coming out of anesthesia.
 Some pantry stock up items: store brand pasta @ 69 cents, buy Hellmann's mayo get store brand free or $3.99 for 2 jars mayo, D D hazelnut coffee @ $4.99, Heinz ketchup and 2 mustards after 2 large coupons paid $4,27 total for all 3
 Cherries @ $1.88/lb
 ice cream @ $1.88
 $3.19 for 1/2 & 1/2 but I didn't want to go to another store, it's so horribly hot/humid today. I prefer this brand anyway. The associate discount I get through DS#1 offsets it
 Personal care items: Tampax $1.99, shave gel @ $1.99 and $0.99, Puffs lotion tissues $1.39
 Multi tasking: since they sell these at the grocer's, it saved me another trip: gift card for Mom, stamps (neither counted as grocery spending)
 Great stock up deals on laundry supplies, including my preferred Gain. Large coupons in hand, I paid:  Gain @ $1.99 for 1 and $3.99 for 3 bottles, 2 Arm & hammer @2.99, 2 Snuggle ( I really, really prefer liquid softener for towels! but have been making do with dryer sheets) 2 bottles @ $2.59, pouch of Tide pods @ $2.99.
 4 loaves of store bakery garlic bread @ 74 cents

 Chicken quarters @ 88/lb, I bought 2 of the heaviest packages
 8 fzn beef burgers @ $5.99
 Perdue prepared chicken (cutlets are for cheater chicken-Pamesan)@ BOGO plus  $1.50 off doubled coupon so  $2.49 total for both packages
 I hit the store at the right time for marked downs: 3 pkgs of small sirloin fillet steaks @ $3.99/lb-I can't remember when we had a proper steak last, 3 pkgs of ground chicken breast @ $3.74 (they also had ground turkey breast on marked down but it was almost $1 more a pkg, so chicken it is)
4 packages of hot Italian sausage @ $2/pkg, one pkg of sweet Italian sausage @ $2 after doubled coupon

2 pks of a kielbasa type sausage @ $2.19 each, store brand lower sodium bacon @ $2.99
Another buy the national brand, get store brand free offer: paying $2.50 total for the 2 pkgs of beef franks

Great coupon savings plus an extra $6.26 thru DS. Nice.

$120.32 Stop and Shop for groceries
$18.80 postage
$25 gift


mikemax said...

You did very well!

meme said...

great bargains! I hope your DD is okay too..

CTMOM said...

Meme, thanks for inquiring. DD has had some gastro stuff going on, finally went to a specialist, tests coming up to hopefully get some answers and direction.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Good for your daughter for taking care of this. My grand daughter messed around and tried to ignore her problems until she just couldn't, and had gall bladder removed at 21. Friday surgery, back in class on Monday, although moving slowly. So much better to deal with it and get to the bottom of the situation. DGD had several episodes of distress before she did so.

Looks like your produce problems are much better handled without the CSA! Our farm market that I prefer for corn is now open and I mean to get some this weekend. It's just a couple miles so I run up there as I need things.

You do so well finding bargains!! I got a couple pounds of Bob Evans pork sausage rolls last week @$2 each--short-dated. They went into the freezer. Along with several pounds already there. Cleaned and defrosted the freezer this past week and have a better idea of inventory now--lots of chicken in our future, and I would have bought more this week. No need to now! That's the best bargain I've found lately. I love marked down meats but they go fast. (My husband usually puts things IN the freezer after I shop, and he just jams them in any old place they fit. Makes it hard to stay on top of oldest out first.)

Lee Ann said...

Great deals. I hope you both have successful outcomes.

meme said...

My daughter had terrible stomach pain. Finally went to doctor who sent her for ultrasound because she felt something which she was pretty sure was a hernia. Had the ultrasound and it is a hernia. My daughter is scheduled for surgery to correct it on August 8th. The doctor said it was from having back to back surgeries in 2006 (C-section for granddaughter, less than two weeks later - emergency gallbladder surgery) - then having grandson in 2012 by C-section -She has scar tissue - since grandson has some developmental delays - he is almost four and not completely toilet trained yet - so my daughter was still lifting him to change him, get him dressed, in and out of the tub, etc. She has moved to doing all that on the floor - and I am helping him in and out of tub. My daughter wont be able to lift him at all, not drive, take it easy for apprx 2-4 weeks after the surgery depending on her recovery. The hernia is such that the surgeon can not do the typical ....cant remember what it is called - micro "something" but they have to actually go in with a bigger surgical cut. I can take care of grandson during her recovery since I work from home. -- Plus we are really working on the toilet training ! Grandson turns four in October - our goal is to have him toilet trained for the beginning of September when he returns to his therapeutic preschool.

CTMOM said...

Meme, sorry about your daughter's condition. I also no longer have a gall bladder (the surgeon initially tried to do arthoscopic, but ended up doing incissional surgery) and I've had 3 C/S. Abdominal surgery is a difficult recovery. She must take it easy. She's lucky to have you to lean on.

Belinda said...

Such great bargains. You did great finding the markdown on meats. We had a small ham yesterday for dinner that I found on markdown. Love finding those. :)

Lee Ann said...

I've never heard of raspberry gingerale