Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Recipe share: raspberry lemonade

Image: Creative Savv

Lili over at Creative Savv shared this recipe on her blog today for a homemade, raspberry lemonade:

After blogging with her about a substitution, based on what I have on hand, I gave it a go:

 DD has had a lurking, opened bag of fzn mixed berries in the fridge freezer from before our move. I consider it fair game for using up. I hand picked all of the blueberries out of it, adding then to a qt baggie I have of fzn berries in my freezer, retaining the fzn blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. It ened up being mostly crushed raspberries, which was perfect for the recipe. I started backwards; I first ran some water thru the picked out blueberries, which were placed in a sieve over a bowl. The berries then were frozen as mentioned. I poured the reserved water out (now a nice pink thanks to the crushed raspberries) and added additional water to make 1 quart. I added the sugar, lemon juice. I then picked out the large black berries and strawberries, and microwaved them a bit to soften. I smashed the fruit that was again placed in the seive, and using a rubber spatula, pressed it against the sides. It made for a good work out!

  Here's my version of a "berry" lemonade. I had a sample, it's very yummy! Would also be great with seltzer or a clear "Sprite" like soda added. I'll have this with supper tonight.

Thanks again, Lili!

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Lili said...

I was thinking that this berry lemonade would be good with a seltzer water, in place of still water, as a healthier soda pop, or a lovely beverage for a party or nice evening (a non-alcoholic version of a celebratory beverage). I'm glad it worked well, with the frozen berries.