Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Product review: Dawn-vinegar "magic" shower/soap scum cleaner

Been residing here a month now, daily showers in my glass enclosed, shower. I have cleaned weekly, using existing cleaners. This morning, I placed my tub mat down (read warnings that this soap will make the floor of the shower/tub slippery)as a precaution. I wet the tile and glass enclosure, then I sprayed the blue cleaner. I showered, then chose to use a rag to wipe the cleaner in well. Finally, I used the detachable spray head of the shower, rinsed everything well.

Results? I didn't find that it worked any better/differently that what I have been using. Note, however, that I am currently using a body wash, not bar soap, which may make a difference. I am now on city water, after residing in a town with well water, for 26 years.

It'll be interesting to see how I feel about it, once it's used in the kid's bath where 2 people are showering daily, and bar soap is often used.

So, for now, I'll use up the chemicals I have; this formulation works well enough for my needs.


meme said...

thanks for the review !

Juhli said...

We stopped using bar soap at all due to the scum left. I find it much less trouble to clean up after liquid soaps/body wash.

Lili said...

Thanks for letting us know. When I run out of soap scum cleaner, i'll fill the bottle with detergent and vinegar, and see of it works for us.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I tried it (TheHub uses only bar soap) and went back to the other stuff. I scrubbed forever before the tiles were clean. It does not work well at all with our hard water and bar soap.

NAN said...

I use bar soap- I actually prefer it. I rarely clean my shower though! It looks fine to me. Maybe the trick is short showers. I love Dawn but my go to is plain ole' 100% apple cider vinegar. The smell soon disippates.