Monday, July 25, 2016

Problems with mechanicals


We've had some issues with mechanicals here. Door bell doesn't work. LL advised changing batteries at the chime unit located inside. Chime rang to tell me that batteries were working but the outside button didn't work. LL advised changing that battery as well. Still a no go.I had DX look at it; the connections within the door bell button are shot. LL's DH was here yesterday; advised me that a new chime with button kit will be purchased, the wife has to select it. The existing "kit" is no longer made. He thought that he could do so today after work.


We've also had multiple issues with the 11 year old, garage door opening system. One of the lightbulbs in the unit doesn't work, we tried replacing it with a verified, working bulb-no go.  The exterior key pad was not able to be used as 2 tenants ago, the code was changed but the LL didn't know what the code was. DX looked into it, reset the code with a new password, which I shared with the LL. DD's opener clicker stopped working, she replaced the battery, still no go.  It's a 2012 unit, a former tenant had lost his, this was a replacement. Most problematic is that the door has been opening of it's own accord-serious safety concern for us. DX again looked into this, we changed the code on the off chance that a neighbor was using the same one. While LL's DX was here, he looked into it. He then left for a while, later returnng with a new opener clicker for DD and advisig to let him know immediately should the door start opening on it's own again, at which point, he assured me that a new opener would be installed that same day.


Carole said...

Hope you don't want to move again for a long time, and that you won't need any more surgery for a while. I'm sure both are draining.

Belinda said...

Nice to know the LL is on top of it offering to switch it out he same day if it starts opening on its own again.

Kathy said...

Glad the LL seems willing to fix the garage door opener. That would be creepy having the door open by itself. Do hope the problem is resolved