Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Menu planning for August


I've done a stock take, checking what is in the garage and kitchen freezers, the cellar pantry, the kitchen pantry, and then have come up with August's menus, using items on hand. Vegetables are TBD, depending upon what I buy on sale at the store, at the farmer's market. I also have a handful of canned vegetables and several bags of fzn.

1-turkey (fzn cooked)-black bean enchilladas, salad
2-chicken-apple sausage quiche, salad, veg
4-baked vegetarian ziti with cheese, salad, veg
7-CP pork chops (fzn)in garlic herb sauce (boxed), egg noodles, fzn apple sauce, veg
8-chicken thighc (fzn) tikka masala (jar sauce), basmatti rice, veg
9-spaghetti in homemade sauce, fzn meatballs, slad, veg
11-Lydia's warm lentil salad, roast chicken drums, veg
14-BBQ split chicken breast, macaroni salad, veg
15-sweet n sour pork (fzn meat)meatballs *(use take out sauce pkts to create sauce), rice, veg
16-CP lazy golumbki casserole, veg
18-spaghetti w/ homemade sauce w/ Italian sausage crumbles, salad, veg
21-kielbasa (fzn), garlic noodles, veg, coleslaw
22-sloppy joes (fzn beef, can sauce, fzn buns), salad, veg
23-CP Swiss steaks, egg noodles, veg
25-homemade black bean burgers, (fzn buns), salad, veg
28-marinated London Broil (fzn meat), hot German potato salad (buy bacon), veg
29-planned overs: steak fajitas using fzn peppers/onions and flour tortillas, fzn corn, salad
30-CP ham bone and pintos, cornbread, salad


mikemax said...

Sounds good--especially the fajitas--what time should I be there? I started a freezer inventory last week and now need to finish it. I know we have enough food here for a month or more, but I can't seem to wrap my arms around a monthly menu plan.

I have been meaning to ask you, how is your family (including DX when you were married) about all of the canned fish? I endured a groan last night when I told DH we were having salmon patties (and very good they were, too). I know they are not their faves, but I never serve anything that anyone in the family actively dislikes. We all like some things more or less than others. BTW, he decided he liked them. (I went a little heavy on the Old Bay seasoning).

I am making homemade fried chicken and potato salad for dinner tonight. My family does not deserve me, and I told them so, LOL.

CTMOM said...

No one, including DX has complained about canned fish. That said, due to my limiting sodium for medical reasons, I've moved to buying fzn fillets of salmon and poaching them, flaking them if intended for fish cakes. Tuna is the only fish I buy canned.

debbie said...

What are the days that have nothing next to it

CTMOM said...

l/o =leftovers

thyme2save said...

Another good month's of menus, Carol.