Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Medical update

 Warning: if you are squeemish about medical stuff, stop here.  A stop in at CVS for these waterproof band aids was in order.

Yesterday found me phoning my surgeon's office. The cast was pinching my palm, just below my fingers, as well as really irritating the skin of my arm. Having previously worn multiple casts, and recalling my DR's advice to call if the cast bothers me, I phoned. After speaking with his secretary, she immediately put him on (he is fantastic, and rare like this!), and he told me to come on in. 10 minutes later,
 his PA removed the cast, telling me that it's the cotton gauze that is notorious for bothering patients,  alcohol wiped down my arm and incission, left for a removable splint, seen here.

He first inspected the incission (doing well 4 days post op) and applied this large, waterproof bandage. Then my surgeon came in to check on me; he really is that attentive.
 The glue of the bandage irritated my hand, but after carefully showering, drying off this morning, I applied a fresh one with a folded over gauze pad (at some point in the past given to me by a nurse in a baggie to care for someone's injury so these are freebie leftovers) to provide a bit of extra (and welcomed) cushioning.
Looks like 9 sutures and I anticipate a noticable scar, but that really doesn't bother me. I am slated to return next Monday to get the sutures out.  All of this, outside of the $5 bandaids was free. I could have used HSA funds for those, but elected to "charge" my grocery budget instead.


Linda said...

Bandages have left me with sores worse than the incision. Doctors never put any kind of bandaid on me. Thank you. Tape is not my friend.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Same here--both the regular and the "non-allergenic" surgical tapes irritate my skin. When I had a breast biopsy, I had a row of blisters where the tape had been--more sore than the incision itself was. Some doctors listen well and some don't. I just tell them, wherever you put tape, there will be blisters. I had my whole butt sore and bright red after one angiogram procedure, where they put on a pressure dressing after having entered an artery with their instruments! I mooned the surgeon at my follow up visit, but he was NOT SYMPATHETIC. Said I probably didn't mention it. No point in arguing with most surgeons. I sat on blue ice thingies until my poor butt recovered. Very uncomfortable!