Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lunches at home

 I had a late lunch today; didn't feel hungry until about 1:30. I decided to use the rest of an open box of ziti, grabbing a tub of homemade  marinara out of the freezer and the meatloaf, which I cut into "square meatballs" as I like to call them.
 Here's my lunch bowl, Parmesan offered to those interested. I continue to be mindful of sodium. 2 servings are now in tubs in the fridge.
 Thinking ahead to the upcoming week, I looked over what remains in the fridge, what needs to be used up. DD and DS tote lunches to work. I grabbed a box of sale plus cpn Suddenly salad. I don't think I have ever bought it before. One doesn't get alot, but this will work.
After preparing the salad as directed, I removed the remaining meat off of 2 partially used, BBQ split chicken breasts that need to go. This is the protein source for the pasta salad which I will offer up in tubs that are lined with salad greens and chopped tomato. Perhaps a quartered, hard boiled egg will accompany.


Linda said...

I buy suddenly salad, ranch/bacon. I DON'T USE the whole half cup of mayo. I use an egg-sized glob of mayo and a splash of any milk I have. It is delicious, sufficient for me. A while back I found SS for about $0.50 cents and bought 10 boxes. I could eat it everyday, but don't. Ranch/bacon is the only one I will eat. Often, I add b/s chicken breast to it, also. Sometimes on a bed of lettuce with some tomato.

meme said...

That is something we do often here: have pasta with meat sauce after a meatloaf dinner - using the leftover meatloaf cut up for the sauce. It is a nice way to get two complete different meals from the same meat dish.