Thursday, July 7, 2016

It's here!

 DD went with me the other day to the local Dollar Tree to pick this up.
9 bottles (considered a case) of 50 oz bottles of LA's awesome ultra dish detergent soap. It has become impossible to find this lately, I've been looking for replacement bottles for at least 2 months. I wanted to use what I had prior to moving, now we are on our last bottle, with 1/2 remaining. I chanced upon Dollar Tree mail order with free shipping to store, and now have a stockpile of it to get me through until probably April. My lease is up in May, so good timing. At this point, we do not wish to move again (still amongst boxes). I continue to work on getting my financial ducks all in a row.

I discovered this brand several years ago, and it replaced my Palmolive. On sale, I was using 2 bottles of Palmolive at a cost of approx. $4/month. I now use LA's dish soap at $1/month, saving me $36/year. I'll take it, This works well for me, my wallet is happier as a result.


Belinda said...

I love being able to pick up things locally and not having to pay shipping charges. A great deal there. :)

Linda said...

Well, I am having nothing shipped, but I found nine bottles of Dawn that I paid twenty-five cents for about ten years ago at Dollar General. I say I found this because I had put some on a shelf and had this in a box.

The person who sort of helped me empty out the laundry room wanted me to give it all away since I had more than I needed. Of course, when her dish sponge was dirty, she went to the store for one sponge. She will never understand people like us who like to get the best price and in quantity.