Saturday, July 9, 2016

Farmer's Market 2016 # 3, some freebies

 Up early as usual today, normal household chores tended to, then off via city bus to the Farmer's Market. This week's shopping: Yukon Gold potatoes, flat Italian beans, wax beans, 3 years butter/sugar corn (pricey but only needed 3-so very fresh!)
 beets, a huge bunch of scallions, rhubarb
 2 huge heads of lettuce. I spent $13.45-well under my $20 budgeted amount and certainly saving over the last CSA.
Several freebies available: I came back with a free tote (this one is a nice, plastic so good with wet veggies), a rubber single blade spatula, a mini hand sanitizer, a band-aid carrier.


Life In Mooseport said...

The farmer's market produce looks so much better than what you received from your previous CSA. Do you feel you are getting more for your money this way?

meme said...

Those were awesome freebies this week! Yesterday was the "grand opening" of our new CVS in town. I just happened to need to go into the store and was pleasantly surprised they were giving away a free orange CVS tote bag with your transaction.

P.S. The farmer's market food looks so good - really nice produce.

CTMOM said...

Life in Mooseport, yes, I am saving money and am much more pleased with the consistant quality that I am buying.

CTMOM said...

Meme, we've been very happy with the produce I am getting on a weekly basis.