Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dollar Tree stock up

 I had plans of getting a case of dishwasher detergent as it's sometimes hard to find at Dollar Tree, ordering it for free ship to store, as I did with the case of dish washing soap. Yesterday, I received a 10% off coupon voucher so I chanced that they may have some dish washer soap in stock. I use 2 boxes/month. I have a tub of Kirkland dish washer tabs that I bought off of someone through a Facebook tagsale site; the original owner didn't care for the scent. I tried it at my former rental, no problem for me. So, I estimate that I have 3 months of dishwasher tabs to use, adding 5 months of dish washer powder to my stores. I place 2 boxes together and store in a gallon sized, plastic bag to prevent humidity from getting in and clumping it.
 I also opened my backup bottle of bleach recently, placing bleach on the grocery list. Almost $4 at Stop and Shop? ridiculous! Here's a gallon for $1. I also grabbed another spray bottle to mix up a homemade version of a shower spray (Dawn plus vinegar), as well as the required Dawn, a bottle of LA's awesome fabric softener to try, and a pack of magnetized clips for the fridge.

I also got some edibles: tortillas, 8 bags assorted gummies, 4 pkgs of peanut butter on Cheddar crackers-a quick, premade protein snack while I recover.

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