Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Enjoying the reasaonably priced produce lately: cantaloupe, homemade blueberry muffins, organic yogurt, coffee milk. My breakfast also included a cup of OJ.


Florence said...

Yum! Muffins and cantaloupe for breakfast. Delish!

The domestic Groove said...

I have been a follower for a few years and love your blog. You seem so much happier picking out your produce this year than using whatever the CSA would happen to send you. I have never tried a CSA for that reason. I want to support local farmers but what you end up getting is really an unknown gamble for the steep price. I feel like I am still supporting them when I pick out my own produce at the farmer's market or a farm stand.

janemiss said...

I only found your blog last year but am loving it. i have read from the very beginning right up until the present day.
I check in every day to see if you have posted and re-read your frugal food tips and recipes all the time for inspiration and ideas.
I have to say your blog is one of the best i follow as it covers every subject on how to live well on a budget.
take care jane from Yorkshire England xxxx