Sunday, July 3, 2016

Birthday celebration, round 2

 One kidlet "had plans" and didn't communicate well about them for last weekend's birthday celebration. 3 of us enjoyed a nice meal, while the other birthday kidlet took off. Shrug. He finally decided that he wanted to celebrate with us. Traditionally, this means a choice: birthday meal at a sit down restaurant, take out of choice, home prepared meal of choice. Funds were spent last week on a cookout/fireworks celebration that kidlet also bailed on. We ate those food items/froze a few. Fast forward and kidlet suggested the Cheesecake factory which I was told is pricey to say the least. The 3 of us offered some alternatives, and kidlet settled on Italian sausage ravioli (recent marked down  that I froze). I made a simple marinara, steamed some broccoli from the Farmer's market (kiddo won't touch it, but the rest of us love it), a tossed salad with choice of dressing. I did splurge at Whole Foods: a chocolate mousse cake (was hoping to buy a cheese cake, but they didn't have any beyond the mini, bite sized ones).

Extra Parmesan was passed for those interested. None remained, so I guess it was ok!

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