Friday, July 15, 2016

Alternative shops/sources for food

I headed over to the Butcher's today to pick up a few items: ground beef, bulk pork breakfast sausage, bacon. I actually had a mailer coupon that I used, so $20.91 spent, saving $3.
I had an annual woman care appointment this morning, and met a friend to buy some eggs from her (organic, free range, heritage breeds, too). She recently shared that her organic garden is up and running so I added carrots, green beans, Summer and Zuke squash, golden and red beets to my order. I paid $20 total.  The weather is supposed to remain oppressive this Sat, so I think that I will skip the city's market this weekend and enjoy central A/C.

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Linda said...

Those are good deals. AC sounds better to me, too, rather than go to the Farmer's Market.