Thursday, June 23, 2016

Yesterday's baking

The banana mini chocolate chip muffins only lasted a few days, 2 of what I am calling "mini loaves" of banana bread are gone as of yesterday morning, so I moved to make a batch of my pumpkin bread (again to help stock the freezer). My regular recipe makes 2 big loaves so I knew that I could easily bake off 8 mini in the process. If I am using an oven, I like to double up as much as possible. Pictured are the pumpkin loaves I made yesterday; 6 are now frozen, 2 are out for breakfast/snacking.

 The twins turned 18 yesterday, so I started working on a celebration cake as well. Lemon was chosen.
While at Whole Foods, I picked up a box of XXX sugar. More expensive than Aldi's but my time is a factor. The layers will have homemade, raspberry jam topped with shredded coconut in between, and I will frost with a homemade, creamcheeese frosting, decorating with colorful, non pareil sprinkles. Yes, we continue to reuse birthday candles from celebrations past.

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