Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wow! some real price differences!


I have 7 quotes, 2 more appointments to get through before making a decision. I also weeded through some additional ones before setting up appointments.

1-My current cleaning company: price reflects yet another increase. This is why I am getting quotes.
2-competitor cleaning company: same exact price (didn't care for the rep's attitude either)

Individual cleaners:
1- just $20 less than the cleaning companies charge before tax-sorry, I don't think so
2-a local woman who would charge 1/2 of what the services above are asking
3-another woman who works all over the state, which seems odd, who is also asking 1/2 of what the cleaning services are

Paired cleaning teams:
1-a husband-wife team from some distance away, who have a commercial cleaning service franchise. They are asking $5 more than the individual cleaners listed above
2-a local woman who has a 2 person cleaning company, asking $10 more than the individuals

I have another person with a 2 person cleaning company coming this afternoon, and finally another individual coming on Friday.

I have followed up on references, await responses. Meanwhile, I will finish getting quotes, follow up on insurance coverage. I really liked individual woman # 2 (my first quote so I am hesitant to select her until I've completed my homework). Either of the paired cleaning teams seem good as well. A deciding factor for me may end up being whether or not the cleaners are insured, legal and on the books. As a renter, I don't want any issues nor do I want to set myself up for any possible personal liability.



Ellie said...

The individuals who charge half price are probably NOT insured, or paying taxes. That is why they are less expensive. If you are worried about these things, I would give the husband & wife team a try.
Your method of getting multiple quotes for services is an inspiration! I thought 3 separate quotes was doing well.
I hope you find a wonderful team to help you with your deep cleaning.


Juhli said...

It certainly sounds like you are researching this well. I hope you are very happy with your choice but if not then move on to the one you rated second.

Precious People Preschool said...

I would not worry about them not being insured. Your renters insurance would take care of that.
Also your LL has to carry liability. I would go with your gut if you liked a lady I say give her a chance :) My sister has always had non big business cleaners. They have all been wonderful. I like the idea of giving the little person a chance. Not a huge amount of overhead and they usally take pride in there work. The lady my sister has right now is so much help to her.
She even cooks dinner on the day she cleans. I used to clean houses years ago
I enjoyed it and was good at it. It supplemented my single mom preschool teacher salary. I hope you are getting all settled in.

Kathy said...

glad you are doing your homework. I had no idea that there were such big differences in price. Hope you find a reasonable and efficient cleaning service.

meme said...

I agree with what Ellie said about charging much less and not being insured - like they are working "under the table".

I hope you get a great cleaning team - with my own RA I can so relate to the fact that this is not a luxury item for you. I really wish someday I could have someone to just deep clean my kitchen and bathroom once a week - but it is not in the budget now.

mikemax said...

Carol, I sense an undercurrent that you are convinced that people who work independently are not paying taxes on their earnings. That may or may not be true, but it is their business, not yours or mine, whether they pay taxes on the money they earn. The other undercurrent I sense is that if you hire a company--which may cost twice as much--is that the company is licensed, bonded, paying their taxes, etc., which again may or many not be true. Patti makes some excellent points. I'd go with the person you feel will do the best job. I recall that you weren't satisfied with some of the people the other company sent.

CTMOM said...

Max, the "nanny tax law" requires that if one pays someone $1800 or more a year for a repeated service, then the person becomes an employer, subject to medicare, unemployment and social security taxes. I employed a nanny/housekeeper for years and did pay nanny taxes. Both companies I interviewed showed proof of liability insurance. Simply having Jane's cleaning service on a card doesn't mean that they are registered with the state. What an individual cleaner declares/not is their own affair. Based on whether or not nanny taxes are tripped due to amount paid over 12 months does become my business. I also will check on what liability insurance I have/what it covers.

mikemax said...

Would you be paying over $1,800 a year ($150 month) with an independent? I know there is the requirement to provide a 1099 if the person earns over $600 per year from you, and this is sent to the IRS. Again, what the person does about it is their business. I suspect that a lot of casual housecleaners are exempt from income tax based on the total amount of their income from all sources. The woman who helps me garden definitely falls into this category. But, again, that's her issue, not mine. If she is indeed, working under the table, that's her private business. She might go to jail for it, but I won't.

One issue that has not been brought up that skews this discussion in favor of a cleaning service is what happens if some of your belongings have been damaged by the cleaner? With a service, you've got someplace to go. With an independent--especially if you like them--it's harder. We have had to make several repairs to our sprinkler system where Heather has punctured a plastic pipe. On the other hand, I am 110% pleased with Heather's work ethic and ability, and even with repairs, she is muchmuchmuch cheaper than a landscaping company.