Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What's been cooking?

 Breakfast this morning: Aldi's "grands" biscuits (cooked 6, frozen the leftover, raw 2) with choice of jams, scrambled eggs. One kidlet had the leftover, roast beef hash, coffee/iced herbal tea/OJ were also served.
 Recent sandwiches for lunch included this hard boiled egg and mustard sandwich for DD to tote to work
More turkey salad (with craisins added in to mix it up), with lettuce greens on bread. Potato chips on the side. Today's offerings include 2 lunch "kits" filled with last night's leftover orzo-veggie pilaf, 2 leftover Salmon cakes.

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meme said...

I also love a hard boiled egg sandwich -- plenty of protein at a small cost.