Sunday, June 26, 2016

Using my resources wisely

The elastic on this 100% cotton knit pair of boxers died, there is a small hole in the fabric. Instead of tossing them, I cut off the button from the fly (to the button box it went), the spent elastic was tossed, the boxers cut into 2, generous sized use and toss rags. I have certain categories of rags; these are the clean up something gross and have no qualms about simply tossing it. There are times that these more dispendible rags are reused. More will be created, so no worries. I rarely use paper towels, I still have a roll originally opened about 4 years ago. Seriously. They are pretty much eliminated for me.

 Here is a pair of kitchen scissors whose padding inside the handles made them a favorite for my arthritic hands. The padding, however is disintegrating so when  used, your hands feel all sticky, gummy. I had enough this morning as I went to clip the Sunday paper coupons. I took a round toothpick and scrapped all that I could off of the handles. Next, I grabbed one of the aforementioned rags, coated it in dish soap and scrubbed away at the handles. I then used a small kitchen brush on them. Afterwards, I rinsed them.
Finally, they are soaking in some diluted, ammonia. Once rinsed and air dried, they will be returning to the kitchen drawer. Keeping what I have working.

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kelley said...

I have so many rags from old clothes and such I've bundled up a big bag for the local animal the time I run out all my current clothes will be in the rag bag...power towels are a thing of the past here too!