Friday, June 24, 2016

Today's shopping

After stopping at the bus terminal office, I stopped over at Whole Foods. I have been eyeballing their insulated bags for sometime now. With warm weather upon us, it's prudent to invest in this. I had used a cube, large cooler, but it's bulky, and would have to be emptied from the car. A tote makes more sense.  I also made sure to return some bottles/cans for rebate. Someone had left a 5 cent receipt in the machine, so that was a freebie to me. Additionally, I got 45 cents returned to me. $5.87 out the door. I've since decided that I will get a second one.

I also stopped at the Mall, grabbed a shampoo bar at Lush for DD as she was working all day, wanted a fresh bar to take with her while away this weekend. She prepaid me for it.

Next stop: Shoprite for some deals.
 2 pkgs New England style, hot dog buns (my preference) and sesame seeded, hamburger buns (also a favorite). On sale 3/$6, added $1.10 off with a doubled coupon.
 5 2 liter bottles of soda (not pictured), snack baggies, and a bottle of detergent on sale @ 2.88 but I had $1 cpn so $1.88. This is how I keep cheap detergent on hand.
 Delicious WA state cherries that I've snacked on this afternoon @ $2.49/lb

Beef Ball Park hot dogs BOGO, now in the freezer.
Paid $24.91 out the door.

I stopped at the small, local butcher's shop and bought some ground beef, bacon, hot dogs for this weekend. My receipt isn't in front of me, but it was $20 something.  Fireworks are to be set off this Sat, which we will be able to view from our patio.

Next, Stop and Shop for more deals:
 Marked down, sour cream coated donut holes. I won't pay $5, even for this huge container, but $2.50 for a treat is ok.
 Super soft, dinner rolls that I will prep as garlic rolls and freeze for a frozen asset. $1.49.

 Chicken drums
 and chicken thighs @ 89/lb
 London broil @ $1.99/lb-my go to price. All meats frozen for future meals.
 2 tubs of ice cream. One was 41.97, the natural one was $2.50 after sale and coupon

I avoided an extra trip across the street to Aldi's and just bought milk @ 3.29 as I would be leaving ice cream and milk in a hot car, and desired to just get home.

Organic eggs @ 2.99, marked down Jumbo eggs were 99, the 17 (one missing) large white were $1.34.

I also got a jar of Hellman's lite mayo (my preferred brand when possible) @ $1.77 after sale plus cpn and a huge jar of Grey Poupon on crash n burn (never could figure out what the issue was with it) marked 1/2 off @ $2.39.

Toss in DS's employee discount of $2.07, I paid $39.24 out the door.


Lee Ann said...

Hi! I never knew there was a New England style of hot dog buns until we visited Boston and got a Fenway Frank. Funny how I like the regular ones better but to each his own.

Do you ever use the Shampoo bar? Just curious if they work well.

Lee Ann said...

You have great prices!

Down here in the South, folks like Dukes mayo however I don't like mayo and the hubster doesn't care so we buy generic mayo.

CT Bargain Mom said...

Shampoo bar at lush? I'm intrigued! I tried one by Burt's bees ages ago and it was very drying, although I loved the scent. How are the lush ones? There is a lush store at Mohegan sun casino....I think they will do slice samples - is it worth it?

CTMOM said...

Lee and CT bargain, I personally have never used a shampoo bar, DD swears by it, her scalp and hair thank her for using it, she had some dermatitis that wouldn't completely clear up.

Lee-I am only, for the most part, buying what is super cheap. I have price book prices that I use as guidelines. After buying the ingredients, I figure out how to use them.

Precious People Preschool said...

I am not sure if the kidlet that rides the bus qualifies for a discount. My daughter used to get a student discount and my brother get a discount because he is disabled. Just thought it all adds up. Great shopping trip.

CTMOM said...

Patti, students K-12 can get discounted fares, as well as disabled/senior citizens. We've applied for special needs son to get support and discounted fares, it just takes a few weeks to happen.

meme said...

That is great that you can get the employee discount from DS! Hellmans (Light) is my preferred brand of mayo too.