Sunday, June 19, 2016

Today's baking

Got a bunch of bananas out of the freezer and used up the freckled ones from earlier this week (I bought fresh, green ones recently)

I used my 2 mini loaf making pans to make a double batch of my banana bread recipe, intending to freeze most. With 3 living at home, this makes sense.

I used up the rest of the mini chocolate chips, making a batch of banana chocolate chip muffins for breakfast/snacks.


thyme2save said...

For years, I've been partial to my Pampered Chef mini bake loaf pans. They were a gift, and I'd never had any like yours. Stoneware is too heavy for me, though. Recommend a particular brand?

CTMOM said...

Thyme-these are old, Wilson brand. I think* I originally bought them at either TJMaxx or Marshall's. I used to make homemade gift baskets at Xmas, filling them with assorted goods, including homemade, mini loaves of assorted tea breads: cranberry, pumpkin, rum cake etc. Glad I hung onto these, they are quickly becoming a practical item for me. Since one pan bakes the better of 1 batch divided into 4, for example with my banana bread normally requiring 1 hour 15 minutes to bake off, 45 minutes was sufficient=energy savings. I now have a gas stove/oven so am cautious as to how much it will cost to use.

thyme2save said...

Pampered Chef pans yield delicious small loaves of any kind, but the weight of stoneware is not agreeable. I choose mini loaves over muffins.

Gas for stove top and electric for oven make me happiest.