Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday supper and my Spring garden

Frozen, cooked ham slices from the freezer
the last can of baked beans
a quick coleslaw using an open, half of a head of cabbage, a carrot, scallions and bottled coleslaw dressing

 Such a small bit left, but plenty for a slaw tonight
 My garden this year: resprouted scallions. I sacrificed some of the longer shoots for tonight's supper
The completed slaw, now marinating in the fridge.

 I unearthed a small tub of my homemade baked beans, so I blended those in with the commerically canned ones, to allow for lunch extras today
 From my freezer stash
My supper plate. I skipped the potatoes (salt and carbs) and was very satisifed with what remained on my plate.

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Lili said...

I saw "spring garden" in your post title and thought for a second that your new condo had a pea-patch available to use for it's residents. Ha ha! I love your spring garden. Any way a person can grow some of their food supply is a savings, no matter how small the "garden" is!