Friday, June 24, 2016

Taking advantage of discount programs on mass transit

 I stopped by the bus terminal's office today, grabbing route maps that I could print off line (my printer is yet to be connected, was fickle when last used). These were available for free.
I also bought a non expiring, 10 ride pass. Normally a one way fare is $1.50. This was $13.50, so each fare is now $1.35 for me. It's been decades since I've been on a public bus, but I used to take them when I was a teen before I had a car, in order to get to the city, the Mall etc. I'll adjust quickly. Tomorrow, the city's farmer's market begins. Parking in that area can be a real pain. So, I'll take the bus (stop is right by the entrance to the condo)and I'll arrive in 30 minutes to the market. Supposedly, there are bus vouchers to return home from the market. I couldn't find any further information on the farmer's market website nor did the bus company know anything more. Even if I end up having to pay my fare to return home, $1.70 for the convenience is worth it. I'd cost me at least $1.25 to park, IF I could find a spot. Worth a try.

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