Monday, June 6, 2016

Sneak peek: come on upstairs

 Opposite the sliders in the living room, are the stairs to go up to the top floor. Pictured here is the laundry closet doors. I have my Sheila houses above
 An XL top loader washer is on the left (see the huge, almost full jug of Kirkland detergent left by the former tenant? That's why that cabinet door is open.
 To the right is a Whirlpool duet gas dryer. I am currently using electric models of Whirlpool Duet here, and have been happy with them.
 Just past the laundry, is the door to the Master. Plush carpet
 a very modern ceiling fan (originally in the bedroom used as an office, then moved apparently), the walls are a cocoa brown-looks olive here.
 Enter the Master bath, there is a WC.
 As you enter, the double sinks are on the right. Note the singular towel ring-no towel bars at all in here-weird. I did splurge on a long, double sided, white cotton bath rug for in front of the sinks. Sale plus promo. I already have a smaller one that matches, and will use that one just outside the shower, as a bath mat.
 Spa Jacuzzi tub, huge shower. I'm using a bath chair to hold my daily towels. I do use bath towels twice.
 Before entering the Master bath, take a  left into a huge walk in closet, outfitted by CA closets. You may recognize my newly acquired (aka "new to me") Vera Bradley bag. Underneath is a custom messenger bag made by Carla in Canada My work clothes are here, followed by the rolling baskets filled with cotton SP/Summer sheets, blankets, followed by sweaters
 The right side is pretty empty. I have some  items temporarily shelved until the furniture arrives, to the right, I will have my lingerie chest; the double dresser will be in the bedroom, the tv located above. To the right rear, are my more casual tops/layers and my blazers.
 Here's the large cabinet behind the hall bathroom door. Open the top cabinet, it rubs the next one down, opening both. @@ I thought the LL's DH was handy. Either plane the underside of the top cabinet or adjust the hinge-problem solved.
To the left rear of the hall bath is the toilet, the lone towel bar, the tub/shower. Pictured is the new curtain I bought (blue/brown/beige/grey color scheme) and the blue cotton bath rug we rediscovered in DD's closet I will return the beige one I bought for this room Over the shower bar is the ecru cotton bath mat from my current Master bath. We are reusing as much as possible.


cheryl soergel said...

Don't know the cost of gas vs electric where you live but here in PA it is less expensive to use a gas dryer. I know you don't usually use a dryer, but if things change at your new rental that might make it easier for you to use. Cheryl

BlissfulButterfly said...

Wow, very nice indeed! I love all the paint colors, the master bath, and how great to have so much storage space!

Precious People Preschool said...

Wow you have a lot done. I am tea!my happy for you.

meme said...

The only word I can use is LOVELY! I love your master bath - my RA joints would love that tub! I am very happy for you.

Wendi said...

It looks like a lovely place. Have you looked at Command products as a solution to your towel hanging issue? Maybe a large hook could be used to hang a bath towel to dry or you use could use the velcro product (if it is strong enough) to attach a towel rack so you don't damage the wall. Hanging towels up is a must here as we use them more then once.

janie said...

Looks very nice!! Enjoy your new place, Janie

Belinda said...

Wow, it looks beautiful and that closet is amazing! So many places to put things, very nice!