Saturday, June 18, 2016

Shopping for the deals, replenishing


Friday found me back at the Orthopedist for a follow up on my hand (nerve damage) and pain (to watch for now), as well as my shoulder. All is well, I return in August. Cost for tests, Xray, MD appointment: $0.

As I was in the area, I planned on running some errands; these stores are all in close proximity of one another.

1-Wm-my least favorite store, but I knew I could find what I wanted: a tube style bird feeder, a suet feeder. $26.02

2-Aldi: 3 bags assorted chips, 1 bag tater tots, red onions, 2 gallons milk, asperagus (finally USA not Mexican so I could buy it), bananas, 2 jugs cat liter, 2 qts organic vanilla yogurt, 1 tube buttermilk "grands", broccoli crowns, qt 1/2 & 1/2, lg can coffee, eggs, hamburger rolls, cheese. $42.58

3-Dollar Tree: Men's body wash, 2 Men's deodorants: $3.19 but kiddo paid for it.  I bought the following for the household: 2 bags fzn hashbrowns, 2 pkgs fzn pork sausage, 4 toothpaste, 2 28 oz cans baked beans, 1 sloppy joe sauce, 1 canister roasted peanuts, 4 greeting cards, 1 slim cell phone case (to store the garage door opener on my visor-the clip in the back is gone), a 3 outlet adaptor for the outlet coverting one plug to holding 3 plugs). $17.60

I also returned to a sister DT store later that day, looking for dish soap (they were out of the one I prefer) but I got a bag of candy for DS, 2 pouches of Italian imported tortellini. $3.06.

4-Stop and Shop (I toted the 8 or so bottles that the machines wouldn't accept at the sister store in the city South of here, and as suspected, these were accepted, no issues. I got my money back). I also bought the following: 4 marked down Greek single yogurts, 2 Hamburger helper mixes (something RARELY found here!) @ 38 cents out the door after combining sale plus cpn, 2 boxes Suddenly salad (sale deal so 38 cents/box), 6 hunts 24 oz ketchup @ 88 cents (I normally pay $1 at DT, but this was a "buy 10 of these items, pay 88 cents/each" deal, organic sugar, 4 boxes Barilla pasta (got fancy shapes), Nutella, 2 VO5 shampoo, 2 Suave body wash (BOGO cpn. I use this watered down as hand pump soap in the bathrooms/kitchen sink), 2 smoked sausages (BOGO cpn),

 3 pkgs marked down ground chicken breast, 1 value pkg of 85% grnd beef (coupon sale promo), 1 value pack of boneless center cut pork chops-all marked down., grape tomatoes, organic Swiss chard,

I paid $54.92 for $87.27's worth of groceries.

5-Final destination: Shoprite: 1 box Puffs tissues with lotion, 1 jar Ragu sauce for the emergency meal shelf (paying a mear 49 cents after sale plus doubled cpn), qt buttermilk,

assorted Deli ends @ $2.99/lb: roast beef (this morning's hash), 3 pkgs turkey breast (a turkey salad is on deck for supper tonight), and Provolone and Munster ends that I will hand shred, freeze for future meals.

 I make a point of asking at the Deli counter for the cheese, whenever I am there, depending upon what we are low in. Yesterday's request was for cheese that isn't American or Swiss (got a lot of Swiss in the freezer to use up first before restocking). I also bought low salt turkey breast, and some P & P loaf.; 4 bottles color care Suave shampoo combining sale plus cpn,, 2 Colgate toothpaste.  I spent $42.59.

One DS has decided that living with DX would be easier, so my grocery budget is down to $300/month. I have spent $234.26 so far, with only 12 days to go, I anticipate needing little, we're stocked! The farmer's market starts next Saturday, and I am looking forward to it.


meme said...

I know our children grow up, leave the nest -- in my situation my daughter needed to come back home, but she lived on her own with husband and child for...almost four years. It was quieter when she left and although I saw her all the time - I missed her in the house.

I hope your son's schedule allows for him to have plenty of time for visits!

I also used the same BOGO on the body wash - my CVS had them on sale for two dollars - so it was like one dollar each - that is my perfect price.

Belinda said...

Great deals, nice meat markdowns. I have an abundance of Italian Sausage in my freezer thanks to some good markdowns recently, something I rarely have due to the cost. Hopefully a good sign.

CTMOM said...

Belinda, a while back, I kept coming across Ital sausage deals/marked downs. This led to a huge stock pile of it, which we ate down while planning a move. I found that due to it's high seasoning, we could get away with just 1/2 a lb (about 1 1/2 links) per meal, for a family of 4. I continue to use less.