Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday supper: burgers and beans

 Burgers/cheese burgers on toasted, sesame seed rolls and choice of assorted condiments with a side of freebie, store brand baked beans. (buy brand name @ S & S, get theirs free-I love it when they do these promos!). Birthday cake and ice cream will be served after. Tonight, we will watch fire works launched from the lake, from the comfort of the condo's back patio.
 As I cleared after supper, I made sure to strain the pan drippings, and reserve the beef tallow for cooking. Someone on one of the blogs/sites I read recently suggested this British program on you tube:  Back in time for dinner: which profiles a family eating typical meals from the 1950's thru the 1990's. I found it interesting, and noted that  still do alot of the "old ways"-guess that's part of my family's recent immigration to the US.
Gas bill arrived. Just over $10 for 3 weeks-that's nothing. My electric bill indicated that my daily average usage is 1 kwt over this time last year, BUT it covers electric for this condo as well as the former rental. I blanched at the bill. Severe measures are in place to ensure that it comes back down. I am surprised that for a gas fed home, there is an electric water heater. Should I buy this condo (I have the option for first refusal), I'd immediately install an on demand, gas water heater. While we do use the electric dish washer, there is typically some washing up by hand, if not just the counters, stove top, table/chairs as needed. I have been using a dish bin vs simply letting water run. I encourage the kids to use the hot/warm soapy water container within for a quick rinse of a dish, or their hands whilst in the kitchen vs turning on the tap. For the first time in my adult life, I will be paying for water. Conservation is key as my bills must reduce.

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Ellie said...

Sounds like the condo is in a nice community. So happy that you were able to enjoy fireworks from your deck. :)
My husband and I owned a condo (in Georgia) as our first home. We lived in it for 17 years and were able to be sensible and pay it off early. This helped when the housing market collapsed. Before you decide to buy your condo, I would check out their residual fund, as well as the process they use when others aren't paying their maintenance fees. We were in a community that had poor management companies. When the time came to re-roof, re-side, and do other deferred maintenance, there were NO funds. All of the owners were charged "specials" to cover these costs. They ended up in the low 20 thousands! Definitely something to consider when purchasing a condo. I know you do your research, so you probably wouldn't have these nasty surprise costs.
Thanks for sharing your meals. I hope your O.T. is over and you are 100 percent healthy!
- Ellie