Friday, June 3, 2016

Planning the rest of June's menus


Only the first 10 days were planned out for June, with extras moved over (for the most part) to the condo, and a fresh look at what remains on hand, I've planned for the rest of June, relying heavily on what I already have on hand, for economy as well as practicality:

2-fried (fzn) ham, canned baked beans, coleslaw, l/o scallopped potatoes
 5-beef roast (fzn) in golden mush soup and Fr onion soup, mashed potatoes, carrots 
6-planned overs: CP beef stew
7-CP hambone with dried pintos over l/o fzn rice
9-Graduation dinner out to local, Italian restaurant
10-take out pizza (it's moving day)
11-hotdogs (fzn) and buns(fzn), pork beans (fzn)
12-BBQ split ck breast, Basmatti rice, roast butternut
13-baked (fzn) Salmon fillets, buttered orzo, fzn peas
14-CP turkey stew (use fzn cooked meat, fzn gravy) w/ herbed dumplings (homemade Bisqick)
16-spaghetti w/ fzn homemade meatballs, fzn mixed veg, salad
19-pork chop (fzn) bake, fzn homemade apple sauce, fzn mixed veg
20-salmon cakes (use canned), coleslaw w/ bottled dressing, can wax beans
21-CP turkey chilli (use fzn cooked meat, dried pintos), homemade corn bread, shredded cheese
23-baked vegetarian ziti w/ cheese in homemade marinara, salad, canned Fr green beans
24-Italian sausage (fzn)-onion homemade pizza, salad
26-CP beef-pork meatloaf (fzn meats), instant mashed potatoes, fzn corn
27-salmon (use small can)-Havarti w/ dill quiche, coleslaw, roasted Butternut
28-turkey tacos (fzn cooked meat)on flour tortillas, homemade refried beans (trying this)using pintos
30-turkey (fzn cooked meat) tettrazini, salad, canned Fr gr beans

Not very gourmet, but it's a get us through menu plan. It works, and there is minimal on my list, beyond the usual perishables,  to complete the aforementioned:
- BBQ sauce (may take a gander a la Lili @ Creative Savv and make my own using the assorted tons of condiments in the fridge!)
- flour tortillas
- can/fresh mushrooms


cheryl soergel said...

You are so organized. When I working I was much better but being home all day I just decide the day or so before and defrost the meats as needed. Good luck with the move. Haven't moved in over 23 years and can still remember it. Cheryl

Belinda said...

Doesn't matter if it is gourmet or not, it will definitely feed you all well and nourishing and that is what matters. We have a lot of repeat meals here because it's whats on sale, but I'm OK with that. :)