Saturday, June 25, 2016

No need to alert the authorities

 Up early as usual, prepared breakfast for myself and one DS before heading over to the bus stop. Scrambled eggs, pumpkin bread,OJ, coffee (herbal tea for DS), banana were today's offerings. I  navigated the bus system with no issues, meeting some nice people in the process. I had no qualms just asking what I needed to do, where to go, etc. I was also able to use my Spanish while riding, as well as at the market.

 Today's freebies included this SNAP tote bag, a magnetized shopping list note pad, seasonal (raspberries) recipes and this strawberry.

Untie the drawstring and turn it inside out of itself, and a 2 handled tote appears.

One freebie that wasn't available to me was the free bus pass back home. An organizer of the farmer's market had me write my name down, she will assure that I get 2 free bus passes next week. More than fair. Normally, a one way fare is $1.50. My discounted, prepaid ticket brings it down to $1.35. A round trip would therefor cost $3 normally, or $2.70 with prepaid . Toss in the free pass back from the market, my round trip tickets are now down to $1.35. 18 farmer's markets are planned until the end of October, so I'll save $29.70 over the course of the "season," and the convenience is great-not having  to deal with parking.

 Other items/freebies available included nutritional info, children's reading books, an oven mit and some plastic gizmo that I couldn't figure out what it was.  I also took my $2 coupon voucher from the local Penny Saver (I have another one to use next week)
For $9: a huge head of Black seeded Simpson leaf lettuce, beets with greens, a huge bunch of Swiss chard, a basil plant. I am not a CSA member this year, so my $ are going to Farmer's markets instead.


cheryl soergel said...

Nice looking lettuce. Better than last year I bet. You are so organized, I really need to start. Cheryl

young77 said...

I've checked into going by bus to a Farmers Mkt,too. I loved the strawberry tote and found it on Amazon. Shirley

kelley said...

looks like your move has lots of advantages...would love to take a bus now and then instead of my car...great finds at the farmer's market

meme said...

Sounds like you have a great farmer's market! I loved all the freebies!

p.s. birthday cake looks delicious..

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Our local farmer's market started last week and my DD was there to see what they had. Not too much yet, but she got strawberries, radishes, and a couple jars of farm-made jam, one of which was given to my husband for Father's Day, among other things. He loves blueberries, so she got him the blueberry jam. I tried to grow them but our soil isn't acid enough and they didn't do well at all. So we had raspberries for a few years, until we got tired of weeding them and picking them in all the brambles. Raspberries are a pain after a while--they send up new shoots and eventually get thick and weedy and painful to weed!

It looks to me as if you will get better value at the market than the CSA share.

Belinda said...

I like all the freebies that you received today. The two free buss passes are another great deal, I like the way you calculated your savings on those.

CTMOM said...

Marcia, Meme eet al:
There were several vendors: natural baby product line, baked goods, shell fish, an informational booth for WIC/SNAP/Senior snap type programs, literacy programs, inspirational litterature. Musicians were playing, lots of bike and foot cops around.

Belinda-the free bus pass home is awesome. It is not income dependant, (I asked) so anyone can take advantage of it. There were some hic ups, as the passes hadn't arrived by the time I had to take my bus, and the downtown area free to use for anyone (targeting the low income and immigrant population downtown)trolly wasn't yet running when I left. I'll return next week, and ask for my second freebie voucher. It's all good as my older son would say! Parking is $1.25/hour IF you can find it (the few freebie spots just for market day seemed to have been taken by the vendors and volunteers), so for 10 cents more, I get a scenic tour on an air conditioned bus. Works for me! So convenient.