Thursday, June 2, 2016

Moving perishables

Here's Wed's lunch at home: the last serving of beef sloppy joes on one of the 2 remaining rolls, the rest of the potato salad. Getting harder and harder to cobble together lunches-but it's all good!
 I've started moving perishables that I know we won't use in the next week, evidenced by the now empty kitchen freezer door.
 The fridge is also cleared out.
Reorganized in the process. The fridge at the condo is a side by side, but smaller than the one here. Looks like I'm keeping the stand alone freezer for a while.


Ellie said...

Keeping your freezer is a brilliant idea. My household only has two people. I have a side by side at home that has an ice maker. It takes up the equivalent of a shelf, which is a LOT of space in a side by side. It is so hard to save planned overs, buy extra sale items, etc. using just this freezer space.
You will be glad you kept your freezer. Wishing you the best in your new home place.
- Ellie

Belinda said...

Good plan to keep your freezer. I went without one for about two years and I eventually replaced the one we gave away.