Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Medical freebies, saving on medical costs

 Yesterday was my annual check up with the allergist. I had gone from 12 sinus infections a year, to none the past few years. Continuing to plague me, however, is constant post nasal drip that causes a cough. Tests run, my asthma remains under excellent control-yay! We're tweaking my medicine  regimin and I will return in a month for allergy tests The visits with the MD and the tests are covered at 100% as we hit the deductible. Md also gave me samples of my nasal spray that I am to double up on (I also have enough stock piled so no need to refill until I return in a month) and an OTC an OTC antihistamine he wants me to use for 3 days, stop and take again as needed.
One thing I did ask for a prescription for is my rescue inhaler. The way that he had been ordering it through my mail order pharmacy meant that I was getting 3 inhalers. I rarely use just the one. So, instead of $100 for 3 inhalers, I got one for $40. Costs covered by my HSA.


Julie Vidani said...

if you are on a medication for blood pressure, you should ask about it. Many of them can cause a constant cough.

thyme2save said...

Could be several reasons for coughing. Kidney disease provokes coughing. Who would have thought?