Friday, June 3, 2016

July menus; the "we will officially be out of meat by the end of the month" edition


Looking to continue to reduce frozen and pantry stock kept on hand, as well as a means to keep my budget low this Summer as we brace for financial changes, I have menu planned for July as well:

1-Italian sausage (fzn)-onion homemade pizza, salad
3-BBQ split chicken breast (fzn), homemade macaroni salad, salad
4-beef burgers (fzn), homemade potato salad
5-CP ham bone (fzn) w/ dried pintos, homemade corn bread
7-beef stroganoff (use fzn cooked eye round), veg TBD
10-Itallian dressing marinated BSCB (fzn meat), salad, baked potatoes
11-tuna-ditallini salad, salad
12-CP turkey (fzn cooked meat)-dried pintos chilli, salad
14-spaghetti w/ fzn Italian sausage crumbles in homemade marinara, salad, veg TBD
15-beef- dried black bean tacos on flour tortillas; refried beans (fzn homemade)
17- ground turkey-beef (fzn meats)CP meatloaf, instant mashed potatoes, veg TBD
18-baked (fzn) fish fillets (type unknown until purchased), brown rice (extra for Tues), veg TBD, coleslaw w/ bottled dressing
19-ham (fzn cooked)-stir fried rice, use stir fry pouch sauce
21-"hamburger and macaroni" using fzn Italian sausage crumbles, veg TBD
24-homemade chicken tenders (fzn BSCB), salad, buttered noodles, veg TBD
25-Salmon cakes (poach fzn fillets ahead), homemade oven fries, veg TBD
26-fzn kielbasa dogs in Lili's homemade "bread rolls", homemade CP "Campbell's style" pork beans, coleslaw
28-turkey a la king (use fzn cooked meat, fzn stock, jarred pimentos), Brown rice, veg TBD
31-Salisbury steaks in onion-mushroom gravy, instant mashed potatoes, veg TBD

Again, I won't win any culinary arts awards, but I will be able to bring a variety of meals to the table, using what is on hand, supplementing as needed. The city where we are relocating to has a farmer's market, set to open on June 26th. Additionally, I have some organic farmer friends who charge me ridiculously low prices for fresh vegetables. Depending upon what is on sale, more vegetable options (fresh/fzn/canned) will replenish what we have on hand. Must haves to purchase in order to compete the aformentioned:
-hamburger rolls (or make)
-can/fresh mushrooms (2)
-fzn Salmon and other fish fillets
-sour cream
-fzn peppers/onions or stir fry veg
-flour tortillas
-ground beef (2)


Belinda said...

You're feeding your family well with nourishing meals. That's what counts. :)

mikemax said...

I agree with Belinda. I'd rather have simple food on the table every night than a "culinary award winner" (and the dirty dishes and kitchen that go with it) once or twice a week.