Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's the little things

 I set up my laundry dryer corner, and found that one of my hanging clip racks needed repair.
 An old, saved athletic shoe lace to the rescue, good as new
 I also gathered some supplies: an oval basket, a paper napkin, some store bought (gifted to me) and some homemade potpourri
 I lined the basket
 Added the potpourri, which I stirred together
and placed this natural deodorizer in the l'oeil de boeuf  powder room window


Kathy said...

Cool! Hope you are enjoying your new home.

meme said...

The basket looks great in the window! Hope you are enjoying your new home. I am enjoying a rare day off - my little granddaughter "graduates" from fourth grade today and the school has a very nice ceremony. She is receiving an award for her high academic average!

janie said...

Hope you are enjoying your new home.

Best of luck, Janie

Anne in the kitchen said...

Cute basket!
Hope things are coming together in the new place. I haven't moved it years but if I remember correctly the first few weeks are nothing but hard work!