Monday, June 20, 2016

I keep at it


Now that we've been here over a week, service people have come and gone (still some msc issues to tackle), I await monthly bills to regulate; and I continue to tweak my budget, which must be reduced.

I recently contacted the cleaning service I have used once a month for the past 4 years. Considered a luxury by many, given my OT and arthritic issues, this really has become a necessity for me.  Although my square footage and number of bedrooms has decreased, and removing the lower level den and full bathroom as well as the main floor powder room off of the cleaning, my bill is INCREASING with this aforementioned service. I am not happy. The representative who came out for a quote stated that I was actually undercharged at my former home (even though they increased the bill, a year into our tenancy). So, I am seeking alternatives and have made arrangements for their competitor to come out and give me a quote. Initially, over the phone, the price charged is less than what the other service charges. Both bill by the hour for the initial clean (to get the home up to their standards) then one is charged a flat fee. I am looking for various quotes:

-the entire home, all levels, all rooms
-the main floor except for the powder room, and the upper, bedroom floor, eliminating the lower floor with Den and bathroom
-the main floor (minus powder room), nothing on the den level, just the bathrooms on the bedroom floor.

Costs have to decrease, it is what it is.


thyme2save said...

Being somewhat a germaphobe but not actually, with hands and body that do not cooperate as they did in the past, I seek very easy ways to clean. Do I have all the answers? No. For baths and sinks, I use spraying Bubbles, whatever the brand is. Toilets must be clean, and there are easy-to-use products available.

I prefer a sparkling kitchen sink and counter and appliances at all times and find for myself that large handled brushes, even with rags wrapped around, help.

DH cleans all flooring for which he has a wonderful German vacuum and various Swiffer cleaning tools with which he uses micro fiber cloths. I never question but thank him.

A clean home is important to us. We attempt, but we do not always succeed. I sincerely miss scrubbing floors. Crazy?

CTMOM said...

I hear you about the body failing. LOL! That said, we do clean all the time. I just like knowing that there is a monthly deep clean to cover any areas missed. My bathrooms and kitchen are constantly cleaned (kitchen multiple times daily, sinks/toilets several times/week, floors are swiffered/swept daily, vacuumed 1-2 x's/week). I have a very clean home. My new LL should be thrilled with me-I keep finding new areas to address, that clearly hadn't been cleaned in some time.