Thursday, June 30, 2016

Household cleaning

Pictured are 3, refillable bottles I recently purchased at Dollar Tree. The pink capped one holds the contents of a comparable spray bottle from Whole Foods that held their all purpose, citrus vinegar based spray. I had bought it to try, using a coupon incentive. The spray nozzle never worked. Since starting over, I've used up the bulk of my cleaning supplies stockpile. Xpect Discounts, my go to source for cleaning supplies, is long closed, having exited CT. I wish to continue to keep a clean home, using budget ingredients that work. Natural ingredients over chemical ladden ones preferred. I am taking a minimalist approach to this.

Fast forward and the blue capped bottle now contains window cleaner. The green capped one contains a mold/mildrew remover. These are stored in a free to me (picked up at the community transfer station freebie shed) large, oval bucket with a handle. I also keep Murphy's oil soap, Dr Bonner's castile soap, a can of Pledge, a canister of Ajax/Comet scouring powder, a bottle of Resolve carpet cleaner, assorted brushes, a roll of paper towels, towel rags in the bucket and transport it with me, as I move from room to room. For hard core cleaning, I really like LA's awesome orange cleaner (also use as a laundry stain remover), lemon oil for polishing.

What are some of your go to products for home cleaning?


Linda said...

I use baking soda instead of comet or anything like that. It works better and is cheaper. Vinegar kills germs, deodorizes and is cheaper. A Mr. Clean sponge is a miracle cleaner.

CT Bargain Mom said...

I buy windex for Windows & Comet spray for shower walls and doors
Using up a huge bottle of pinesol (toilets) and found its amazing on soap scum when I run out of comet
I also use simple green concentrate

Vinegar & water for floors or amoinia & water